Tuesday, 12 July 2016

After watching Doctor Who (2005 onwards) I felt a need for more, so I was happy to find a rather large quantity of Who literature in the market.
In Doctor Who and the abominable snowmen, we see Patrick Troughton (second Doctor) face the mystery and danger of the abominable snowmen.
I don't know what the episode on T.V. was like, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading the exploits of one of the earlier Doctors, with it's mix of mystery, danger, and somewhat unbelievable monsters.
We are again exposed to Robots among other things, which especially today with the advent of artificial intelligence, taps in to our primal fears of the unknown and the dangers of the advancement of science.
I consider this to be my first, but certainly not my last, foray in to the wonderful adventures of the Doctor.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Sulphur Citadel - Josh reynolds


The Sulphur Citadel

Part 8 of the Black Rift series

The Sulphur Citadel has been breached, and the Black Rift is ready to be conquered. But can the Stormcasts manage the task, or will they fall at the final hurdle?


It's the dramatic conclusion to the tale, and a clash of hero and villain... with no guarantees that either of them will walk away.


After much bitter battle, Lord-Celestant Orius Adamantine has reached the Sulphur Citadel to confront Anhur, the Scarlet Lord of Khorne. Lives past and present collide as these two champions clash to determine the fate of Klaxus itself. The Black Rift opens and there is but a slim chance to prevent the city falling to Chaos and a nexus to the realm of Khorne being unleashed. Only by entering the rift is there any hope of victory, but at what cost for Orius and his Adamantine?

Monday, 9 May 2016

Mind and Cosmos - Thomas Nagel

When an atheist philosopher challenges the fundamental beliefs of The Theory of Evolution, some really heavy weight Skeptics stand up, take notice and slam Nagel with every weapon in their arsenal.
Pity they didn't bother to read the book first!
Thomas Nagel does what any Philosopher worth his salt should do, and questions the validity of science having monopoly on truth.
Nagel does not support the religious view of creation, nor the purely reducible materialist view of everything in the universe.
What Nagel calls for instead is to proceed comparatively. In the present climate of a dominant scientific naturalism, heavily dependent on speculative Darwinian explanations of practically everything, Nagel would like to extend the boundaries of what is not regarded as unthinkable, in light of how little we really understand about the world.

Nagel has argued patiently against the prevailing form of naturalism, a reductive materialism that purports to capture life and mind through its neo-Darwinian extension. But to go back to his introductory remarks, Nagel finds this view antecedently unbelievable - a heroic triumph of ideological theory over common sense. The empirical evidence can be interpreted to accommodate different comprehensive theories, but in this case the cost in conceptual and probabilistic contortions is prohibitive.
The best we can do is to develop the rival alternative conceptions in each important domain as fully and carefully as possible, depending on our antecedent sympathies, and see how they measure up. That is a more credible form of progress than decisive proof or refutation; though of course it may be replaced by a new consensus that is just as invalid.
The human will to believe is inexhaustible.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fermats last theorem - Simon Singh


Science writer extraordinaire, Simon Singh, takes us on a tour-de-force of the history of mathematics, why it was Fermat's 'last' theorem and how they came to the eventual conclusion.
In this wonderful tome you will find out why mathematics is the only proof that's worth thinking about, (Science always has doubt, think scientific revolutions).
You will also discover why engaging in your hobby every spare moment can give you a pleasure that surpasses any financial gain and make you actually want to study mathematics.
This is not some dry, academic text book, nor a boring biography of long dead men that fiddled with numbers for titillation. It's a real page turner for the mathematician and non-mathematician in all of us.
Get it. Read it. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ten Skulls - Josh reynolds

Ten Skulls

Part 6 in the Black Rift of Klaxus series

The Black Rift has been opened and daemons are flooding into the Mortal Realms. The Stormcast face enemies on three fronts and victory looks unlikely...


 The story of the Black Rift – which has been a bit epic all the way through – turns it up to the maximum in this penultimate instalment as the Stormcast face extermination.


 As the war rages on, Lord-Celestant Orius and the Stormcast Eternals of the Adamantine draw ever closer to Anhur and closing the Black Rift of Klaxus. Having reached the Avenue of Ten Skulls, they face an alliance of Bloodbound and Skaven. As the first signs of the daemonic incursion to come begin to manifest, Orius and his champions must fight hard and fight fast. Their objective, the Sulphur Citadel, is within sight but as victory seems near the Scarlet Lord Anhur joins the fray...

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Aurelian - Aaron Dembski-Bowden

A Horus Heresy novella
After the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor's reprimanding of the Word Bearers Legion, the primarch Lorgar journeyed into the very heart of Chaos...

READ IT BECAUSEIt shows just how Lorgar was seduced by the Ruinous Powers and became the first of the primarchs to pledge loyalty to Chaos.
THE STORYAfter the destruction of Monarchia and the Emperor's reprimanding of the Word Bearers Legion, the primarch Lorgar spent many long years searching the stars for the universal truths of the cosmos when he finally came to gaze deep into the Eye of Terror, with grim inevitability he found that the Eye stared back. Now, guided by the daemon Ingethel, he undertakes a spiritual journey into the heart of Chaos itself and sees that the entire destiny of mankind and the Imperium could rest upon just a few nexus events. As the Great Crusade burns itself out in treachery and deceit, Lorgar weighs the cost of his ambitions, and sets his course for eternal damnation.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Manticore Dreadhold - Matt Westbrook

Beset by treachery and in a desperate situation, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm prepares a risky strategy: an all-out assault on the heavily defended Manticore Gate.


There's betrayal, daemons, epic battle and a Stormcast rediscovering what makes him human... What more could you want?


Treachery threatens the success of the Celestial Vindicators’ quest for the Manticore Realmgate. Desperate for revenge against the orruk tribes that have slaughtered his family, the tribesman Rusik will pay any price to gain his vengeance – even if that means betraying his own people to the forces of Chaos. Furious at this deceit, Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm readies his men for a desperate assault on the Manticore Dreadhold, to retake the Realmgate and rescue the Stormcast’s captured allies. Meanwhile at his fortress, Chaos Lord Varash Sunken-Eye unleashes a hateful ritual to summon forth a tide of daemons across the Roaring Plains. At the Dreadhold eternal enemies battle under the shadow of the great statue of Archaon. Here, the tortured Thostos Bladestorm will rediscover the man he used to be – but will that be enough for him to triumph?